Sunday, February 8, 2009


Hey neighbor! Hope you've had a great weekend. I've had a very long, but enjoyable one. My daughter went to Vegas to help celebrate her best friends wedding, so Thursday I drove 45 minutes to pick granddaughter up after school, in Springfield, then on to her house to pick up my grandpup ( my granddaughter informs be this is my relationship to him ), and then 45 minutes back home.

Well, let me tell you. My grandpup is like havin' a two year old. And havin' a two year old when you're not use to havin' a two year old, well just let me say, I AM POOPED. Grandpup Clyde is a handful.

He never rests. He never slows down. He aggravates Sadie (yorkie) and battles constantly with our kitten, Skitty. I was kinda glad to take him home but now that I'm back home I kinda miss him.

I meant to get this post out Friday but I'm sure you can figure out why I didn't. So even though I've got to go rest so that tomorrow I can mop all my floors I'm gonna do a quick post.

We went back to The Trail of Tears old amusement park on old Route 66. If you remember we went last summer and everything was grown up and we couldn't really get back in there to see things because I'm sceared of snakes, ticks, chiggers and MOMO.

We went two weeks ago and it was a beautiful day.

This guy had water runnin' out of his mouth and ice too.
See the red in the background?

It's this old buildin'. I'm not sure what they would have used it for. Last summer you couldn't see it for all the vines. I didn't even know it was there.

This was so cool. Water comin' out of the guys mouth and ice was hangin' off of him. I guess the water use to make the wheel turn.

Here's the gazebo. I'd like to have this table and rock seats at my house. Somebody would probably just run over it with a tractor though.

Hmmm, kinda interestin'.

Hoochie Mama! She would have been stolen a long time ago if she hadn't been set in stone. Don't you think she's a hoochie mama? I mean I kinda thought this was a family type place, and back in the 60's and 70's no less.

I'm not real sure what this is suppose to be. Had red glass in the little windows. Maybe the hoochie mama lives in there.

Here's where water runs through. Hard to tell what it was suppose to look like. I'm sure this place was beautiful in its day. A lot of work was put into it. And wait till you see the house. I'm not gonna show it till next time. Yeah, this is a two parter!

Rock walled fences all around the place.

Terraced rock walls. I bet a lot of flowers and plants grew there. I'm just thinkin', I really don't know. I searched on the web but never found any pictures from back then.

Here's that Indian girl and Buffalo again. They're still runnin' and she's still holdin' onto his tail.

More terraced walls. I wish you could see it in the real. Much more impressive. You just know some major time and effort put into this place.

Cool shot lookin' back down to the entrance.

Up near the top of the hill, was a lane that branched off and you can see another Buffalo.

Hope you enjoy lookin' at the winter time pictures of Trail of Tears.

If I knew how to link to a previous post I would do that for you but since I don't know how and I'm too tired to try and figure it out, just check out on the right hand side under labels, Trail of Tears. You can go there and compare what I saw last time durin' the summer and what I saw this winter. If anyone wants to tell me how to link to an older post I would forever be grateful and I'll name my next child after you.

Goodnight and I'll post the rest of the pictures later. Too cool, what's at the top of that hill. I had no idea.


My New 30 said...

Very cool! Can't wait to see the rest.

To link, there are a couple of ways but here's one - go to the previous post you did and click on the "headline" of the post. That'll give you the actual direct link page. Copy that link from the address bar.

Then go to your new post. In the "compose" edit window highlight the word or words that you want to use to connect the link - like "the post I wrote here" you would highlight the word "here" - or whatever word you want to use to plant the link, and then click on the link symbol up at the top (the 5th from the left next to the text colors). Paste the link you copied from the address bar there in the pop up box and click "ok." That should do it!

My New 30 said...

Hey Rebel - you had me curious about this place, especially about that woman statute! And since I love to do research check this out. It's your spot!! And really cool history about it too.

Maybe one of these days I'll get to see this place.

PetalsYoga said...

Oh Rebel you tease!

I can't wait to see the house! Thanks so much for sharing these. Now I'm obsessed with this place. I'm going to ask around to older friends I still have in the area to see what they remember about the place if anything.

Thanks again for opening my mind this morning!


Rebel said...

Hey Mary, thanks for the links for Trail of Tears. I have googled this many times and have never seen the piece about the creator of the park. The second site I've been to. I found another place that had pictures taken probably in the 80's that showed it not so grown up.
I like that the man in the entrance still had his hand.
Thanks for the help with linkin'.
I hope so much that you and anyone else interested in Old Route 66, gets a chance to see these sites. So many of these historical places are fallin' to ruin. It is very sad. I live about 1 mile off of Route 66 and there are old cabins that I drive by all the time and I've always thought, I wonder what other sites I could see if I traveled on Route 66 in MO, so about 2 years ago we started doin' that. Six years ago we traveled some of the old highway in New Mexico. I remembered so many of the places from the times my family and I traveled back and forth to CA from MO.
This past fall when we visited my son at Ft.Sill, OK, we were goin' to go via Route 66 but we ended up havin' other family ride with us so we were unable. I can't wait to go that way again.
Thanks for your input.

Jan, I hope you are able to find out more, be sure and let me know.

Jodi said...

Your grandpup is so cute. I'm wondering what kind of dog he is!

I was so hoping you'd name your next child after me, but I guess someone beat me to the punch! Darn! :)

My New 30 said...

Hey Rebel - you're welcome! Well, your posting about this place is what got me interested! I hate that so many places are going to ruin. Your posts had me so curious and I knew there had to be something interesting about how that place came to be. If you search Route 66 Tribute to the Trail of Tears Missouri, I think that's where I finally ended up with those last links.

Oh and your grandpup is adorable!

B said...

What a great weekend.

Your granddaughter is right. It is a grandpup. My aunte has no grandchildren yet, but her son has dogs, and when they had a litter she was thrilled to have grandpuppies to puppy sit all the time. They can be a handful, and from what I hear they aren't bribed as easily as grandchildren.

As for hoochie mama and her little hut with red windows, hot stuff. Looks like the kind of place I'd love to get check out. I might have to stick a pin in this spot on my map of places to travel.

The Blonde Duck said...

Love the hoochie mama pic!

I moved to a new site! Check it out:

Bo said...

You know what...I'm so sad this place isn't operational looks so interesting. Okay, you hooked me...I'll be back for the part 2...LOL ;-)Bo

Darlene said...

That really looks like such a neat place. Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

Your grandpup is absolutely adorable. Too CUTE!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebel! Please forgive me for not commenting more often--you know what I've been doing! Anyway, this must have been a gorgeous place in its hey day. Listen, I want to put you in touch with a photographer I know who published a book called Along Route 66. She may know of this place and have photos from years back. Her blog is or you can find her on my Friends page!!! Anyway, I love the man and ice photo! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I haven't forgotten about the photo you won. There's an option you haven't taken yet, I think. If there is a certain theme such as flowers, or birds, or plants, or sunsets,or raccoons, I can send you samples that were not on the blog via email and you can choose a photo that way, okay? Just let me know and I'll send you some pix.

Peggy said...

I just love those photos! Almost like being right there. I think babysitting our grand dogs is lots harder than babysitting the grandkids!

noble pig said...

Beautiful photos and the pups are just adorable...made me smile.