Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It's beginnin' to look a lot like Spring time,
Ev'ry where you go;
Take a look in the yard and then
you'll see bloomin' once again
with daffodils and hyacinth's aglow.

It's beginnin' to look a lot like Spring time,
blooms on trees and more,
But the prettiest sight to see is the
forsythia that will be
At my own back door.



Joyce Nell Matta said...

Hey Rebel,

Beautiful's a lovely time of year.

justjoycee said...

i keep messing up on my identity

The Muse said...

I had no idea about your warmest thoughts, prayers and pride/honor to him!

Things are getting so much better there (this is my honest opinion) as to what has been earlier. Nonetheless, as a mom, I am sure... that isn't a magic pill...simply know that we all work as one to create a better and safer place..for those that follow!

And we are only a blog away :) If you ever need to talk, rant, rave, or Boast :)

Jodi said...

what gorgeous pictures...even the dandelion.

just wondering if you've heard from the poster guy???

Ann said...

This pictures are beautiful.

My New 30 said...

BEEEUTEEEFUL!!! Is that all on your land??? You lucky thang!! Gorgeous pics Rebel, thanks for sharin'!!

Rebel said...

Joyce, I mess up on my identity all the time. LOL Especially when I comment on my own blog!

Muse, Thank you so much. That was a great post you had and it means a lot. It is hard on Mom's, always has been and always will be. All we can do is pray for peace and the safety of our children.

Jodi, I did get an email from the poster guy, thank you.

Ann, Thank you. Spring is one of the prettiest times of the year and it makes picture takin' easy.

Mary, Thank you and I agree, I am lucky. Most of these flowers and bushes were here when we moved here many years ago. We have planted several fruit trees and some flowers but the lady of the farm before me planted flowers everywhere. And, there are many more varieties to come.

I'm glad these photos turned out, because I took them on Monday before the storms came. The wind was blowin' like crazy, about 50 mph. And I am very happy to say that after all the rain and wind, the blooms and buds are still there along with many more.

okiesister said...

This made me smile today.

Darlene said...

Morning Rebel,

All of your blooming flowers and trees just take my breath away. They are just gorgeous! Yes, I did sing to the tune of It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas just now!!!

Liz said...

Gorgeous post. I get so excited this time of year!

And thank you for your kind words yesterday. I appreciate them so much!


Punkn said...

I figure you are about 200 miles or so south of me Reb, and it is amazing how much further your Spring is along compared to mine! Gorgeous pictures - gives me a little insight into what I have in store for me in the coming weeks. *pssst* did you hear they are calling for snow on Saturday? Yeck!

Donna-FFW said...

I SO want to visit you and see that beauty of your backyard in person.. When can I come?

Amy said...

Loved your springtime song, did U make it up? Kudos to you if so! Love the pics, you are farther along into spring than VA..Daffodils and crocuses, green grass, but our red buds haven't started yet...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE spring!!!

Bo said...

Hi that your own poetry? Very nice...and oh what beauty surrounds you! ;-) Bo

Housesitter said...

oh wow! I love those pictures. We only have bougainvillea and lots of hibiscus. Though I think my orange/red rose is blooming already. Point is, those flowers look amazing - and you are so blessed! Have a GREAT day & weekend!

Jillian said...

Gorgeous! I do love Spring! All the flowers are beautiful. I took a few pics myself the other day. :)

Kristen said...

So pretty!! My favorite are the white flower trees. I have no idea what they are called but we have them and I hate how they only have flowers on them for what seems like two weeks :)

muddywaters said...

Thank you for sharing the beautiful pix. My five-year-old has been in awe of the forsythia as we've been taking our evening walks around the neighborhood. She wants to plant one, so I just might oblige her.

Although, right now we're hunkered down in Lawrence waiting for some snow. I guess, mother nature's showing us that she doesn't care what the calendar says; she works according to her own timeline.

Rebel said...

Okiesister, I'm glad it made you smile, that was my mission.

Darlene, I'm glad you caught on, I kept hummin' that tune sayin' over and over, the lookin' like springtime bit, while I was takin' these pictures.

Liz, All the flowers bloomin' are my favorite part of spring.

Punkin', I am in Webster County and I believe you are a lot further north than me. I just can't wait for the snow they are predictin', ha ha ha. I hope it doesn't zap my fruit trees.

Donna, You can come to the Ozarks and visit me anytime.

Amy, As you can see, my redbuds aren't very far along in the picture but you should see them now, just 5 days later.

Bo, Yes, I did manage to rhyme a few words together, and it wasn't easy! That kind of stuff doesn't come easy to me, like it does to The Muse.

Mary in Belize, I would love to be able to grow bougainvillea here and I love hibiscus, they look so tropical. I did plant a hibiscus in the fall of '06, then in the new year we got that hallacious ice storm and the hibiscus didn't make it. I definitely need to plant another one.

Jillian, I think the flowers are definitely what make spring. Without the flowers we would probably call spring 'Swamptime'.

Kristen, I know what you mean. My flowerin' white trees are fruit trees. The pictures I took are of a plum, apricot and pear.

Muddy, You definitely should let your daughter grow a forsythia they are very hardy and they spread like wild fire. Some of mine I trim and some I don't as you can tell in the pictures. We've got snow comin' too, hopefully not as much as you!

The Wife O Riley said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Beautiful pictures, but I think they are calling for snow here tonight. UGH!!!

Rocksee said...


Missouri is a beautiful state!

From the Jayhawk across the line :)

From SITS- Rocksee

Rebel said...

Wife O Riley, So far we've just got a sprinklin' and that may be all. I usually like a snowfall in March because it doesn't last.

Rocksee, Thanks for stoppin' by. I guess you have probably received a little snow since that's where most of it is suppose to be fallin'. I'm glad you came by.

Vodka Mom said...

That was beautiful!!! I am so excited about spring coming!!

The Blonde Duck said...

Gorgeous flowers!

PamperingBeki said...

What beautiful flowers!!

It's Raining on my Cupcakes said...

You're a lucky dog... Up here, we've still got snow... Though we've got a whisper of very brown grass starting to peak out. We're a good couple of months away from flowers. Bummer.

sanjeet said...

what gorgeous pictures...even the dandelion.
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