Sunday, November 2, 2008

Welcome Friends!

It sure has been a busy day. I guess it was the fault of the time change. Gotta blame it on somethin.

I had planned on postin a recipe but my son was here today, he's home on leave. My granddaughter spent the weekend and there was just too much commotion goin on. I did a lot of cookin but couldn't take the time to take pictures of food.

Here's my son and granddaughter, those two are buds. If you look close you can see my daughter in the background on the bench jawin on the phone. And no, everything is not still green here. We are in fall colors like everybody else. This picture was this past summer before my son left.

It was a beautiful day here. Temp was up in the 70's. Not too many more of these types of days for a while.

Since I'm not leavin a recipe I thought I'd give you a little kitchen humor.


Appetizing: Anything advertised on TV

Boil: The point a parent reaches upon hearin the automatic "yuk" before a food is even tasted.

Casserole: Combination of favorite foods that go uneaten because they are mixed together.

Chair: Spot left vacant by mid-meal bathroom visit.

Cookie (Last One): Item that must be eat'in in front of a sibling.

Crust: Part of a sandwich saved for the starvin children of: China, India, Africa or Europe (check one)

Desserts: The reason for eat'in a meal

Evaporate: Magic trick performed by children when it comes time to clear the table or worsh

dishes (teenagers have a real knack for disappearin on this one)

Fat: Microscopic substance detected visually by children on pieces of meat they don't wanna eat

Floor: Place for all food not found on lap or chair (another good reason for havin a dog)

Fork: Eat'in utensil made obsolete by the discovery of fingers

Fried Foods: Gourmet cooking

Frozen: Condition of children's jaws when spinach is served

Fruit: A natural sweet not to be confused with dessert

Germs: The only thing kids will share freely

Kitchen: The only room not used when eat'in crumbly snacks

Leftovers: Commonly described as "gross"

Liver: A food that affects genes, creatin a hereditary dislike

Lollipop: A snack provided by people who don't have to pay dental bills

Macaroni: Material for a collage

Measuring Cup: A kitchen utensil that is stored in the sandbox

Metric: A system of measurement that will be accepted only after forty years of wanderin in the desert

Napkin: Any worn cloth object, such as shirt or pants

Natural Food: Food eaten with unworshed hands

Nutrition: Secret war waged by parents using direct commands, camouflage, and constant guard duty

Plate: A breakable Frisbee

Refrigerator: A very expensive and inefficient room air conditioner

Saliva: A medium for blowin bubbles

Soda Pop: Shake 'N Spray

Table: A place for storin gum

Table Leg: Percussion instrument

Thirsty: How your child feels after you've said your final "good night"

Vegetable: A basic food known to satisfy kid's hunger - but only by sight

Water: Popular beverage in underdeveloped countries

I just loved this when I found it in one of my Mom's old cook books. I don't know where she got it from, it was hand written on one of the pages. She must have read it somewhere and written it down. SO TRUE

We may live without poetry,

music and art;

We may live without conscience,

and live without heart;

We may live without friends, we

may live without books;

But civilized man cannot live

without cooks.

By - Owen Meredith

from "Recipes" printed in 1910

You'uns come back dreckly, ya hear?

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Southern Plate said...

Hey! This list was so funny and like you said, SO TRUE! I'd love to post it on Southern Plate, with a link back to you. If you get a chance, let me know via email if you wouldn't mind.
I won't do anything unless I hear from you!
Christy :)