Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Winter Weather

I guess winter is here to stay a spell, but goshdarnit, the cold seems colder than it use to. I reckon I'm just gittin' older. I recollect hearin' earlier in the season that we were suppose to have a milder winter with above normal temps. WHAT'S GOIN' ON? I know that a lot of people here 'bouts follow the 'Old Farmer's Almanac,' I know my folks always did. They planted by the old ways and even fished according to good days to fish in the almanac. I must confess I always get my almanac in January and read through it. It does have a lot of interesting info in there. We also have an Electric Cooperative that publishes almanac information. The recent one we received had some weather lore and superstitions I thought I'd share with you.

Weather Lore

Some say that if it rains on the first Sunday of December, it will rain for a week. Weather proverbs are our attempts to explain and understand our climate. Some are useful, some are ridiculous, but almost all are interesting. Here's another one relating to the days of the month: If it storms on the first Thursday of the month, count the remaining days of the month, add to this the number of days until the New Moon (Dec. 27 this month), and that will give you the number of storms for that season.

Ancient Superstitions

Many ancient vows and superstitions involved food. At medieval feasts, a roasted peacock, with its feathers and head intact, was often common fare. Knights would put a hand onto the roasted peacock's back and make a vow for the coming year, much like our New Year's resolutions. Ancient Egyptians believed that onions kept evil spirits away. When they took an oath, they placed one hand on an onion.

Ember Days

This Dec. 17, 19 and 20 follow the third Sunday in Advent, which makes them Ember Days. The Old Farmer's Almanac notes four annual sets of Ember Days because they are traditionally used for predicting the weather. The weather on Wednesday, Dec. 17, is supposed to predict the type of weather for Jan. 2009. Friday the 19th predicts the weather for February, and Saturday weather (Dec. 20) has something to tell us about March. Ember Days also follow the first Sunday in Lent, the seventh Sunday after Easter, and the third Sunday in September.

Weather Proverbs

If the wind blows much on St. Stephen's Day (Dec. 26), the grapes will be bad in the next year.

Many stars in winter indicate frost.

Between the hours of 10 and 2, will show you what the day will do.

Much sleet in winter will be followed by a good fruit year.

If at Christmas ice hangs on the willow, clover may be cut at Easter.

If the wolves howl and foxes bark during the winter, expect cold weather.

Black clouds in the north in winter indicate approaching snow.

Some of these and a lot of things in the almanac just make sense and some sound pretty wacky. I still go along with the old hillbilly way of tellin' if it's rainin' or not. If the rock is wet, it's rainin'!

But any who, right now it's cold and sleetin' here. The late news is on and they're tellin' about all the accidents and one guy has been killed on local roads. So it's good to be in and warm.

If you have bad weather in your neck of the woods, I hope you and yourn are home safe.


My New 30 said...

And it was in the 70s here today, but I hear it'll be flipping back to the colder temps again in the next couple days. No wonder everybody is staying sick. It's been storming pretty serious just north of us in Hattiesburg and Jackson, but mostly never gets down along the coast. We barely had any rain despite warning of serious storms and hail. Go figure. I would love some snow!

Jodi said...

As the day went on here, it got nicer. My husband had a two hour delay at school, but the school district we live in had the day off. Yesterday evening is when it started to rain and snow here and it got really cold overnight. Still, in my opinion, it really wasn't that bad!

muddywaters said...

Thanks for sharing some interesting folklore. It's really interesting stuff.

I don't mind the cold, but I hate those darn winds that whip out of the North. I prefer my winds from the South.

take care,

Darlene said...

Interesting stuff in the Farmers Almanac! It has been really cold here the last two days....the wind has made the wind chill soooooo COLD...BRRRRRRR!!!!

The Muse said...

Loving it...a bit balmy but not too cold...oh what a dream I am living LOL it's freezing! LOL


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