Saturday, December 13, 2008


Have you ever received a gift and the way it was wrapped just made the present even better. When the identity of a gift is hidden by a well presented package it heightens the anticipation of openin' and revealin' the surprise inside.

It's so easy just to buy the pre-printed paper. It's the safe way to do it. Like someone doin' your thinkin' for you. But if you are lookin' for an interesting or crafty idea for wrappin' presents, here are some unusual ways to wrap up and make your gifts stand out.

1. Gift boxes. They come in all sizes and colors so don't hide them under paper. Make the gift box stand out by decoratin' it. Cut designs, such as a snowflake or a tree or a snowman, using a cutting tool like an x-acto knife. Line the box with colored tissue paper and it will show through and make the gift box stand out.

2. Wallpaper. This can be used as gift wrap supplying a varied color palette and style. It will be a little more expensive than gift wrap, unless you have leftovers, so use it for special gifts, like jewelry or collectibles.

3. Fabric. This can also be a unique gift wrap. You can use it to cover awkward shaped gifts that would not be easy to wrap usin' paper. You can also sew fabric to make gift sacks, stockings or wine cozies.

4. Drapery tassels. You can use these to tie up gifts instead of usin' ribbon. It will really spruce up your package and will look elegant and expensive. And if you shop for them at discount stores, they can be fairly inexpensive.

5. Make the wrapping part of the gift. Use decorative scarves, hair clips, towels and similar items. This has been bein' done for years for showers for brides or new babies. Incorporate it into your Christmas gift givin'.

6. Scrap ribbon. Never throw away pieces of ribbon scraps from sewing or ribbons accumulated from other means. I save ribbons from vases or ribbons that have been made into bows. Just untie and iron flat. Then roll to store. Use these scrap ribbons on gift packages or use a mix of scrap ribbon to weave together so that they cover the lid and bottom of a gift box completely. This will be a unique gift wrap.

7. Shop your 'Dollar Store'. Browse the aisles for other inexpensive trinkets or ideas and use for thoughtful and creative gift wrap.

8. Simple materials. Like brown postal paper stamped with a pattern and tied off with raffia or scrap ribbon will make a unique gift wrap.

9. Be creative. Don't just leave it at gift wrap. Think of clever ways to present the gift to heighten the sense of anticipation. For children set up a treasure hunt by leaving clues that lead to the next clue that leads to the gift. Hide a gift inside something else. A ring set inside a rosebud that has not yet opened. Quite a surprise when the flower opens up!

There are so many things you can do. And you'll see that once you get started you'll come up with all kinds of unique ways to wrap your gifts.

Happy Wrappin'


My New 30 said...

I love wrapping gifts but I admit that I'm guilty of taking the easy way out and just do the rolls of gift wrap. The way my family tears into everything, I doubt they'd notice "special" wrapping to be honest, and that would totally break my heart. Now me, I love getting presents that are uniquely wrapped - I notice that stuff! My sister in law coordinates all of the gift wrapping for the gifts under her tree. It's a lot of work and pretty expensive too, but she does it every year.

Rebel said...

I'm like you, I love pretty wrapped gifts. My daughter does too and she goes to a lot of trouble with her gifts, she's very artistic, and they are beautiful. She gives me ideas all the time for gift wrappin'. My son, rips them open! Granddaughter does too! Can you imagine??!!

Jodi said...

I love your post! My mom used to wrap little presents in BIG boxes when we were little to fool us. She also used to "nest" boxes inside of each other so it would take longer to unwrap.

Another idea to go along with your brown paper bag idea is to use rubber stamps to decorate it or have a child use his/her fingerpaints and go to town! And using fabric is an awesome idea especially if you know someone who sews. They could use it for a sewing project...that might just come back to you! :)

Rebel said...

I love the idea of lettin' a child go to town on brown paper or it could even be white paper. Now that would be a keepsake piece of paper with their chubby little hand print on there. Good idea!

Darlene said...

I LOVE all the ways you have suggested to wrap gifts. Mine will be pretty basic this year with the kitten. If I put pretty, moving things on them they will be shredded!

The Muse said...

(wink) Us country gals know ALL there is to know about making something look grand!
Wow you did a wonderful job on this post Rebel...GREAT...!!!