Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Pho'bi-a, noun. Persistent and irrational morbid fear.

Yep that's me. Me and spiders. I was reminded of this when I was sittin' this mornin', with my cup of warmin' beverage, watchin' the mornin' news, when out of the corner of my eye, ON MY SHOULDER, I saw movement! Of course it had to be the same arm I was holdin' my coffee cup with. Needless to say the chair and I ended up wearin' my warmin' beverage. I brushed at the spider and jumped at the same time, givin' out a little shriek. I'm just glad CD had already left for work. He would have found it greatly amusin'.

But you know, I'm better. I'm actually not as afraid of them as I use to be. As long as they don't get on me. I remember bein' so afraid of the creepy, crawly, bitin', hideous, zillion eyed, horrible ugly critters that I got the willy's just lookin' at 'em. I couldn't even bring my self to stomp 'em. I was afraid they'd get on me!

Once when my girlfriend and I were teenagers we were drivin' down the road, girlfriend was drivin' and it was a country lane, thank goodness, down from the rear view mirror a spider started descendin', and we were sure it was goin' to attack! With the car still in gear, we both hit the doors and bailed out. Thankfully the car was goin' slow but it was a funny feelin' standin' in the middle of the road with the car cruisin' on down the lane away from us, until it swerved into the ditch. We were very lucky the car wasn't hurt.

It was very unnervin' gettin' back into that car not knowin' where that spider was. At the time I realized it would have been better if I had kept my cool and smashed that spider into oblivion instead of lettin' him now run amuck in the car, WITH US.

And we never did tell girlfriends parents about the car runnin' into the ditch!

Do you have a phobia? Somethin' that totally unnerves ya? Somethin' that's bothered you for years and you can't seem to outgrow. Unload here and let us share. Maybe it will help. Readin' my words lets me know it's best to squash those spiders right from the start. I would love to hear about your phobia's.


Jodi said...

Are you sure it was just a "little shriek" you let out?! :)

I don't mind any bug all too much unless they're crawling on me or in my food! BUT, there is ONE exception and that is bees or wasps. I am horribly terrified of them and I can't even look at them. If I see one, I have to turn immediately and try to move away as fast as I can!

Liz said...

Ew, this made me cringe just reading it. I touched snake once with my toe and it struck at me. Yep, that's a phobia.

The Muse said...

If you are anything like my husband...(ok he doesn't know that I am spilling the secret of secrets) but he too detests, no abhors, yes, abhors spiders!

I wish I had known that a lot sooner in our relationship.... (insert evil laugh here). LOL

I laugh to erase the thoughts of my PHOBIA..no toads or frogs for me ...EVER!

Darlene said...

Hi Rebel....thanks for stopping by my blog today!

I really don't like spiders either but my big phobia is snakes. We live in a pretty wooded area and for me any dead snake is a good snake!!!

My New 30 said...

Oh my gosh Rebel .. I am the SAME WAY with spiders!! I used to smoosh 'em but I've gotten better - I know they serve a purpose so unless they're in my way I stay out of their way but they do totally creep me out. I had a ton of them in my yard this summer - I was constantly almost running into webs everywhere I turned! I heard if you knock a web down they will relocate but those suckers were persistent! They would keep rebuilding over and over right where I knocked them down! I also don't dig elevators too much - or any closed in places. And tall buildings with open atriums. I get vertigo!

Rebel said...

I'm not so bad with small spaces any more, unless there are a lot of people. But heights REALLY get to me. Even when watching tv, if the scene has a view looking down from up high it gets me. It's kinda funny all the phobias humans can have.

Anonymous said...

I don't exactly have a phobia of 'em but I HATE snakes. I mean, if you're a King snake, you better hurry up and plead your case before the weapon closest at hand does a number on you. We have water moccasins and copperheads around here that will kill a dog and make a human very sick. I don't mess around with snakes. No sireeee!